So this just happen

So apparently i am going to get married and have babies with Chris Brown. Watch out ketup kiwi Koochie Karrydouche Krustykrab Krispykrem Krackkills Kalgontakemeawa Kantstopwontstoprocafellarecords KooKooKachoo Kbopboptoothetop Kpop Kmoney kralwilow kreamofwheat kdog kanyouneetmeatathtecrossroads kdollarsign kallmebeepmeifyouwantreachme kantstopwontstoprocafellarecords kawaii kawasaki Knokia Konfucius Konfetti Kalamari Karuchay kantstoptillyougetenough *Cough i mean Karrueche 

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 marge simpson (bambam) & scooby doo (jackson) have a chat


parents: can you cook dinner


Not a bad idea

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I don’t think parents understand that the point of summer is to literally do nothing until you get so bored of doing nothing that you want to go back to school

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Why do we have a dress code?


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I agree with this article . Why don’t we teach boys to respect women . Why guys don’t get dress code. If a guy is sagging his pants all they say is pull them up. And what does the boy to he pull them on they when teacher leave he going to pulling them back down. Now i hear that banning…

Really Now ?


This has to be a joke is somebody in britain trolling with this person who got arrested. Wasting british tax payer money for this BS is dumb. (I don’t know how the british government work but i am assuming there are using taxpayer money). I am surprised this didn’t happen in america compared to all the dumb stuff we do all the time.